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True Resistance means standing for the things you believe in.

Brand New Congress has been arguing for the case that the American People deserve better. We must elect un bought ordinary working people to Congress that have an unwavering commitment to the People’s Platform. For two years we have developed a guide to combat the incumbent and wealthy donor machine. Because we got sick of waiting, and we are doing it ourselves.

Stand with us. Grassroots revolutions don’t just happen.
We need millions of regular working people to build this movement.

Countdown to the next round of primaries June 26th! We need your help today. There are three easy ways to help below.








Do you have an hour or less per day to spare to help these candidates win their primaries? Sign up to text or make calls today!
Do you have 5 hours or more per week to help out movement and these candidates? Writing Skills, Research, Data Analysis, Field Support and various activities help these candidates get more votes! Sign up today! 
Donations are so important to help our movement as well as the candidates. Small dollars allow our team to travel to assist candidates, printing costs, mailing, digital tools social media ads and the list is endless. Our candidates are facing BIG MONEY incumbents and your donations allow us to be competitive. Donate today!

Meet your future leaders.

Nominated by their community, they have a proven track record of integrity. They are teachers, veterans, nurses and scientists.  They are working people who are running to serve the people not corporations.

Everything we do is done by working people.

Brand New Congress Organizers are majority women and majority volunteers. We are working people who want working class representation.

"There is no rulebook for how to pull off a political revolution"

We Recognize the Problem and believe in the plan to fix it.

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“Progressivism is bigger than parties. Such an organization who’s goal is to take in the fire of Teddy Roosevelt alongside the persisting service of FDR in order to change this country is what we need. All hands on deck!”

 – Brand New Congress Supporter Testimonial