Our Candidates

Here are just a few of the exceptional leaders you nominated who have launched congressional campaigns! They are public servants, local leaders, and national figures. All Brand New Congress Candidates have pledged to take no corporate PAC money and no corporate lobbyist money. 

Meet the candidates and join their campaigns! We will be announcing a lot more candidates in the next few weeks. The race for a corruption-free Congress in 2018 has begun.


Missouri 1st

The people of Missouri’s 1st district need a representative who understands their struggles and will fight for real solutions. Cori Bush is a former teacher, a registered nurse and a pastor. She’s a single…

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New York 14th

New York’s 14th congressional district urgently needs access to more reliable jobs, increased access to family support services like parental leave and free childcare. I will fight for universal access to quality…

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Illinois 7th

Anthony Clark is a high school teacher and founder of the Suburban Unity Alliance. He believes it’s time this country lives up to its promise of liberty and justice for all. Anthony is here to work with you…

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Texas 14th

Texas has one of the most robust economies in the country — even the world. There’s no reason the 14th shouldn’t be an economic leader. Health care, a good education, and the opportunity to succeed;…

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Florida 27th

I will be a champion for public education, stand for fair and equal justice, and advocate for the expansion of Social Security, Medicare and comprehensive healthcare for all – since it should be a right not…

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Arkansas 3rd

Today’s Republican leadership has strayed far from their roots: Empowering people to live their lives freely and on their own terms, controlling costs and spending wisely, being good stewards…

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West Virginia Senate

West Virginia coal powered a nation. Now it’s time for West Virginia to invest in ourselves. I’m ready to fight for Medicare for all, universal pre-K, free tech schools and colleges, and a multi-billion…

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Washington 9th

A congressperson represents their people — at least, they’re supposed to. Congress today works to protect the bottom line of powerful multinational corporations, not people like us…

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Florida 7th

I have fought bullies all my life, and the biggest bullies in the world are governments and corporations that put profits before people. My experiences as a veteran and civil rights advocate prepared me to fight…

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California 4th

As a scientist, activist, and single mother, Roza Calderon knows that we need leaders who represent real people’s needs over party interests. That means combatting climate change, fighting for Medicare for All, and building an inclusive economy–not because it’s popular, because it’s the right thing to do for California’s 4th District.

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Washington 3rd

While our representatives argue about whether or not to raise the minimum wage, families are struggling to make rent. Dorothy Gasque is running for Congress in Washington’s 3rd district to reform our government and return power to the people rather than corporate interests Congress currently represents.  

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Texas 2nd

J. Darnell Jones is a retired naval officer with 24 years of service, political activist and staunch advocate for cultural awareness and community involvement. As a representative for Texas’ 2nd district, he will fight for jobs, education, equity and equality for ALL. 

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Michigan 6th

David is an educator, union representative, and community organizer challenging a now-vulnerable 16-term GOP incumbent in Michigan’s 6th. David is committed to ensuring health care and education for all and erasing dark money from politics. 

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Texas 12th

As a working mother and teacher, Vanessa is committed to ensuring that families come before profits in our government. She will fight for the issues that are important to all families– public education, health care, and an economy where everyone can succeed and support their families. 

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Texas 26th

It’s time for genuine leadership that puts the lives and livelihoods of everyday Texans first. It’s time for leaders who serve the people of Texas, not the special interests. Linsey Fagan is running to represent Texas’ 26th district because, for too long, Texans have been without accountable leadership in Washington.

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Texas 23rd

As a candidate for Texas’s 23rd District, Rick is committed to fighting for Medicare for All, strengthening and fully funding his district’s rural health care systems, and getting big money lobbyists and special interest out of politics.

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Illinois 13th

As an Emergency Room doctor, David bears witness to the overwhelming failures of the for-profit private health insurance industry on a daily basis. He’s been a member of Physicians for a National Health Program for the past 25 years, and he looks forward to being a leader in Congress moving us to the single-payer system which has been denied to us for far too long.

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Tennessee 2nd

Marc is a veteran and small business owner fighting to end the corrupting influence of money in politics. He believes guaranteeing health care for every American with Medicare for All will help entrepreneurs by freeing up capital to grow their business and hire more workers. He will pursue sensible investments in emerging industries to create thousands of new, skilled jobs with good wages, ultimately reducing dependence on government services by closing the income gap. Those jobs will require skills, and people will need the training and education to pursue them. Marc believes every kid deserves a shot at the American Dream, and will fight to take Tennessee’s promise of a free college education to every citizen nationwide.

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New Jersey 7th

As a Licensed Social Worker, Peter Jacob has seen how our government has failed our communities. He knows the only way forward is to elect a true public servant, and that’s what he intends to be as the next representative from New Jersey’s 7th District.

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Nevada 4th

Amy Vilela in Nevada’s 4th District believes that we don’t have time to wait for career politicians, their donors, or special interests to do the right thing — she will fight and will never stop advocating for Medicare for All, a $15/hour living wage, a Green New Deal, and democratic and electoral reforms that remove Big Money from politics.

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North Carolina’s 5th 

Jenny Marshall is a public school teacher and community organizer. She is running because for far too long our families and communities have been ignored, dismissed and disenfranchised. Wall Street and huge conglomerates have put profits over people. This must change. Jenny is prepared to step up and fight for all of us in Washington. That means passing Medicare-for-all, investing in our future and helping to create economic equity for all people. 

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As a consumer protection lawyer, John Heenan has dedicated his career to standing up for the regular working people of Montana who get ripped off by banks, insurance companies, and big corporations. In Congress, he’ll continue his track record of fighting for progressive values against powerful corporate interests.

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Kansas 3rd

Brent Welder is a labor lawyer and national workers’ rights advocate running for Congress in Kansas’ 3rd District. After organizing for many other progressive candidates in the past, he stepped up to run in 2018 because billionaires and giant corporations have too much control over our government. His platform includes fighting for a $15 an hour living wage, Medicare for All, and a refusal to accept any corporate PAC or lobbyist money for his campaign. 

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North Carolina 4th 

Richard L. Watkins is an American scientist, community organizer, academic and entrepreneur running for Congress in North Carolina’s 4th District.  As the founder of  The Science Policy Action Network, Inc. his organization is committed to enhancing science education, advocacy and outreach, for the benefit of the people of North Carolina. His platform focuses on Jobs and Economy, Education, LGBTIQ Rights and all areas of Justice 

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Kansas 4th

James is a civil rights lawyer who pulled himself out of poverty and homeless through hard work, education, and service as an Army infantryman in the Presidential Honor Guard. He has fought against homelessness and for equality for all in the working class communities of his district throughout his entire career. James is bringing that tireless energy to his campaign against a vulnerable incumbent who is bought and paid by the Koch brothers.

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Michigan 2nd

Dr. Rob Davidson is running in Michigan’s 2nd district and will work tirelessly so every American can get the opportunity to achieve their American dream, by reducing income inequality, raising wages, strengthening schools, and expanding healthcare to all Americans so families and small businesses can focus on their fullest potential.

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New Hampshire 1st

Mindi Messmer is an environmental scientist, a third generation union member and a mother who decided to take political action after discovering double pediatric cancer cluster in a five-town area of the New Hampshire seacoast. Mindi believes our federal government needs more voices from the science community to warn fellow legislators about the dangers of weakening the EPA and decimating environmental policy and regulations.

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Tennessee 3rd

Dr. Danielle Mitchell is a family physician in the Chattanooga Tennessee area who started a community clinic, when she saw how corporate medicine was getting in the way of her ability to treat patients. Today, that clinic is a lifeline for low-income and uninsured families, and a model for what Medicare for All could do for America. Having experienced what it’s like to live in the cycle of poverty, she is running to improve the lives of her constituents by running on a platform of Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage and a massive economic plan that will allow for the American dream.

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California 12th

Ryan is challenging Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to fight for Medicare for All, tuition-free public college and trade school, housing equality, a living wage, protecting marginalized communities, clean energy, and all the progressive values his community holds dear. Born and raised in the Bay Area, this son of Iranian immigrants serves on the Immigrant Rights Commission for the city of San Francisco, and on the board of the San Francisco Young Democrats.

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