Criminal Justice Reform

America has an incarceration problem, and it is often the most vulnerable communities that pay the price for unequal policing and sentencing practices. We need to fix our broken criminal justice NOW, or else deal with the social and economic consequences of inaction.

America imprisons more of its own people than any other nation in the world. Even as the crime rate is on a steady decline, incarceration rates continue to climb. Incarceration rates are skewed in favor of targeting minorities with longer sentences and higher arrest rates. This trend has left devastation in its wake, as more and more Americans find themselves unemployable and disenfranchised after serving their time. Children and partners lose their parents and loved ones to the system, perpetuating negative social and economic outcomes. We will attack this crisis through an extensive plan that protects the rights of ALL Americans, which includes ending the War on Drugs, demilitarizing the police, legalizing marijuana and expanding due process protections, among things.