October 6, 2017

Foreign Policy

The United States has made the business of other countries its business for way too long, all in the name of promoting democracy and security. The result of our government’s actions has often been the opposite. It’s time we reorient our foreign policy to include more cooperation, and stop acting like the world’s police.

The irresponsible, and destructive war in Iraq created conditions that were highly favorable for anti-western terrorists. Our subsequent intervention against Muammar Gaddafi added Libya to the list of failed states where terror groups could thrive, and emboldened a range of anti-government actors in Syria, including anti-Western terrorists. By encouraging such actors the U.S. government helped plunge Syria into chaos and expanded the territory of terrorist groups. George W. Bush’s rush to war created a political vacuum in Iraq that ISIS exploited. We need to turn the page on this track record of destruction, chaos, and military adventurism under the pretext of “exporting democracy.” When the Cold War ended, the U.S. national debt was 4 trillion dollars, and it is now nearly $20 trillion, due largely to our wars of choice (e.g. the War in Iraq alone cost taxpayers more than $2 trillion). Yet, armed intervention made life worse for ordinary people.

With that said, Brand New Congress is not isolationist. We believe that America and— importantly— American citizens must play an active role in the international community in order to advance peace, support democratization and human rights and protect the global environment, whenever possible.

October 6, 2017