We believe that we, the American people, have precisely what we need to reverse our economic decline and achieve prosperity for all of our citizens. We have 320 million amazing people, vast natural resources, and an economy abundant with capital and innovation.

We, the American people, have everything we need to reverse our economic decline and achieve prosperity for all our citizens; we have 320 million amazing people, vast natural resources, the best universities in the world, and an economy abundant with capital and innovation.

The only thing standing in our way is the corrupt and complacent political establishment. Once we elect a Brand New Congress, we know that America can finally do what is necessary to bring about true liberty and justice for all: reinvest in American industry, repair our crumbling infrastructure, rekindle our struggling schools, build an all-renewable energy system, combat climate change, eliminate burdensome regulations, rebuild our broken healthcare system, reform our unjust criminal justice system, guarantee equality for all, and restore the promise of democracy.

Medicare for all

We believe healthcare is a right for ALL people, regardless of their ability to pay. Nobody should go without proper medical care in such a prosperous country.

Tax Reform

Our tax system should be structured to require everyone, especially corporations, to pay their fair share. Tax revenue is what we use to get things done for the public benefit…

Foreign Policy

Though our government has claimed to intervene in foreign affairs in the name of promoting democracy and security, military intervention has often resulted in the exact opposi…

Women’s Rights

Women have been at the forefront of every movement for social change in this nation’s history, yet inequality persists to this day. We need to protect the rights of women an…

Criminal Justice Reform

Rather than work to extricate our criminal justice system from the darkest part of our nation’s history, establishment politicians have worsened the problems at all levels, …

Fixing Our Economy

Until we fix our broken economy, the American people will never truly have access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We need a bold economic vision if we hope to …


While many have noted the assault on the LGBTQIA community by the current administration, the fact is that Congress has refused to act on anti-LGBTQIA discrimination for decad…

Immigration Reform

We need to fix our broken immigration system and provide undocumented Americans with the pathway to citizenship that politicians have promised them for decades.

Getting Money Out of Politics

The influence of money in politics has moved our government away from a democracy and towards a plutocracy. In order to create a government that is truly accountable to the pe…


That even one veteran has to struggle to get by when they return home is a national travesty. People who have sacrificed so much for this country deserve the opportunities tha…


Education, like healthcare, is a right, not a privilege. It is an absolute necessity for social mobility and innovation. Our children should all have equal access to the quali…

Racial Justice

It seems nowadays that our elected officials are more concerned with denying racism than actually addressing the rampant inequality plaguing communities of color. Brand New Co…

Online Freedom

Over the past decades, the Internet has served as a great equalizer, an opportunity for small businesses and voices who may not otherwise have a platform to compete in the mar…