Get Out the Vote in Texas

Calling All Volunteers – Near and Far!

March 6th is Primary Day for both parties in Texas, and Brand New Congress needs your help to get out the vote for Adrienne Bell (TX-14), Linsey Fagan (TX-26), Rick Treviño (TX-23), and Darnell Jones (TX-02)

Volunteer from Anywhere!

Use the links below for each candidate’s dialer to help spread word about the vote! Depending on the platform, sign-ups may be required.

Adrienne Bell via OpenVPB

Linsey Fagan via OpenVPB

Rick Treviño via JusticeDialer

Volunteer Locally!

Canvassing is already under way for each of our candidates, but it isn’t too late to sign up! Follow the links below to sign up for the Get Out the Vote efforts.

Canvass Locally for Adrienne Bell

Canvass Locally for Linsey Fagan

Canvass Locally for Darnell Jones

Canvass Locally for Rick Treviño

Texans are already noticing a surge in energy and enthusiasm. Let’s keep the momentum going now and throughout 2018!