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Brand New Congress is on a mission to transform our political system by electing accountable, honest, community leaders who will reject corporate cash and represent the will of the people. We’re looking for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who will unite on our platform of Medicare for All, tuition-free college, investing billions to repair and upgrade our nation’s infrastructure and creating millions of new jobs for a new economy powered by clean energy. If you know someone who’s ready to go to Washington to fight for the future of our nation, tell us about them.

About YouName *FirstLastEmail *Phone *About the NomineeNominee's Name *FirstLastNominee's CityNominee's StateNominee's Political Affiliation if you know itNominee's Congressional DistrictYou know this nominee personallyThis person has already decided to run for office.Why this nominee?Why would this person make a good candidate in your district? *Tell us about their background, why they represent your district well, their service and leadership work, background, public speaking abilities, political views, and anything else you think we should know.Links about your candidateInclude personal homepage. YouTube videos of them, etc.Nominee's ContactNominee's Email *Nominee's PhoneNominee's Facebooke.g. facebook.com/gwashingtonNominee's LinkedIne.g. linkedin.com/in/george-washingtonNominee's Twittere.g. twitter.com/gwashingtonMessageSubmit