Are you a consultant firm for candidates? What does your staff actually do?

We are not a consultant firm.  We are a regular PAC that works primarily on vetting and recruiting working people across the country who agree with our platform. Once candidates are endorsed, we work to promote the entire slate of candidates through social media and fundraising emails. We also work to ensure that candidates remain active in building the network and take leadership roles to build out our slate as we introduce more candidates to our slate.

The Brand New Congress staff and candidates come together for group meetings, events and trainings. The candidates themselves, as well as subject matter experts consult each other on best practices on the campaign trail to help each other become stronger candidates.  

Our staff and volunteers consists of designers, video editors, copy editors, project managers and operations personnel

We also work on policy and building the brand recognition through press and media so that we can achieve our goals of electing a Brand New Congress in 2018 and well beyond