How do you vet your candidates?

Candidates are taken through several rounds of vetting.

Candidates are nominated through

Round 1: Brand New Congress chooses priority races to participate in based on the viability of winning and the sitting incumbent. If Brand New Congress decides they are interested in participating in the primary, a staff member will schedule conversations with the nominator and the nominee to gain background information.

Round 2-3: Staff will conduct initial background discussions with the nominee and references to ensure the following:

They agree with the entire BNC Platform

They are all working people who have dedicated their lives to service to their community, are good public speakers and can hold their own in a debate or tv interview. They are people full of integrity and are well respected amongst their peers. They have longevity in living in their district and have a clear understanding of what their constituents need and what improvements need to be made to their community.They believe in a unified slate of republicans, independents and  democrats working together before, during and after their campaigns are over. They pledge to take no corporate PAC or corporate lobbyist money.

Round 4: Nominee is also vetted by an existing candidate on the Brand New Congress slate to ensure they will form a good working relationship.

Round 5: Nominee signs a copy of our pledge.

Round 6: Nominee is taken to a board vote to be officially added to the slate.