What is the difference between Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress?

Brand New Congress originated in April of 2016 with the idea of running republicans, democrats and independents on one national unified slate. We began mass mobilizing volunteers in the summer of 2016 and recruiting started in the fall of 2016. In the wake of the Trump election many other groups sprung up, including Justice Democrats, Our Revolution and Indivisible.

Justice Democrats had a similar idea to what we were doing, but instead they wanted to focus only on democrats with the strong focal point of replacing corporate/establishment democrats, especially those who take money from large corporations.

Justice Democrats was formed in January of 2017 and since Brand New Congress has a similar platform and goal, Brand New Congress keeps a close watch on democrats endorsed by Justice Democrats to ensure we are not splitting the progressive vote.

Currently, Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress are legally unaffiliated. however we do have volunteers who like to volunteer for both organizations.