Women’s Rights

Women have been at the forefront of every movement for social change in this nation’s history. If we ever hope to fix our broken political system, we need to protect the rights of women in this country, and provide greater opportunities

In recent political memory, there has not been a greater time in which protecting the rights of women has been so urgent. As establishment politicians strive to legislate what women can do with their own bodies, and the head of the Department of Education seeks to remove Title 9 protections from college campuses, women have had to defend themselves from attack on all fronts. Not to mention, issues like the gender pay gap and increasing STEM opportunities for women in school still need to be addressed as well. Women have contributed so much to this country and it’s time that our Congress listens to them. That’s why Brand New Congress candidates will work to pass legislation that takes the rights of women off of the political bargaining table and cements them into unassailable law.