2020 Candidates

We welcome the first candidates to our 2020 Slate. Candidates Page and more candidate announcements coming soon.

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BNC is a volunteer-led organization.
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Brand New Congress candidates are nominated by people in their local communities. Each has a proven track record of integrity.

BNCers are teachers, veterans, nurses and scientists. They are everyday Americans working to serve everyday Americans, not the corporate, wealthy elite.

Brand New Congress is run by real people

BNC organizers are dedicated to achieving a post-partisan government that works for all of us.

Our staff and volunteers come from various backgrounds, many are women and people of color.

Nearly all are volunteers.


Forging our own path

There is no rulebook for how to pull off a political revolution.

We recognize our nation’s problems are complex and that they require innovative and bold solutions.

Brand New Congress has an ambitious platform that aims to address pressing societal issues head-on.