May 31 2017 06:05 pm

HelpDesk Team Members

Ideal candidates are self starters after training has been completed. Someone that is able to be proficient in internet research for advanced answers and in picking up new types of software. As there are a few used in helpdesk position, skilled in writing, dependable and courteous. Proficiency in researching for answers and having a good gist of BNC and JD, along with the skill of using Slack and online search platforms. 

Press Team Assistant

We are looking for a detail-oriented volunteer to help log media hits, do local media searches, and generally support the work of our press team.


- Volunteer for this role if you are comfortable online, and can search various local and national media outlets and feeds.
- You should be detail-oriented and passionate about the mission of Brand New Congress.


- You as a volunteer should be especially good at being on top of deadlines, dealing with changes, and being positive in a tense and energizing society.
- Volunteers should expect to commit 8-10 hours/wk for this role, but with a flexibility throughout the week.

If you are interested, please email [email protected]

Press Writers

We are looking for experienced copywriters to support the Press Team! The press team needs people that can help with writing press releases/copy so we can capitalize on more local outreach and announce more events, or write op-eds, etc. You don't have to be someone with a press background, many PR and comms people have experience with writing press releases.

Volunteers should expect to commit between 5-10 hours/wk for this role.

If you are interested, please email [email protected]

Data Management

Brand New Congress is in need of a person who is detail oriented and who has a strong organizational ability.

Skills should include:

- Strong Google Sheets
- Google Forms knowledge
- Management of large databases
- Ability to train others in procedures used
- Ability to read sloppy cursive writing is a plus to help volunteers when needed (Seriously, a real requirement)

Ideal person would have some knowledge of Nationbuilder database maintenance, but one can be trained  on this easily. It is a narrow amount of the over all system we will be using.

The job entails taking signup sheets from events around the country which will be uploaded to the team folder and assigning to volunteers to enter on forms which go to a spreadsheet for uploads to Nationbuilder. Once input, the lead will upload to Nationbuilder and verify that the proper tags are being assigned on the profiles that are created from the upload. Prior database management is a real plus to organize our large lists.

If you are interested, please email [email protected]


We are in need of a volunteer who can work with us as a designer and editor of content.

— Able and Willing to work within and flesh out existing style/identity but also pitch new ideas.
— Working experience w/ Adobe CS (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) + any other apps = bonus.
— Working experience in print
— Knows different requirements/best practices for Print, Digital and Web/Social, designed work for all formats, and able/willing to do mechanical production on own/others’ design.

— Comfortable collaborating, stepping in to assist or going solo on a piece.
— Willing to get and give (constructive) feedback.

Bonus items: 

— Flexible schedule.
— Animation and/or illustration experience.

Please email your skills and resume to [email protected] if you are interested! 

Research Lead

Brand New Congress is looking for a Political Analyst/Researcher to help with fulfilling the needs of knowing as much about congressional districts as we can.

Research tasks may include:

  • Ballot Measures and Voter Registration information
  • Biographical information and Issue Positions from candidates and elected officials
  • Legislative information, including original Key Vote summaries, Evaluations and Ratings by Special Interest Groups
  • Public Statements made by members of Congress

Preferred skills:

Data Entry Specialist for Research

Wanted: Someone who can handle 10-15 hours per week of data entry from spreadsheet, notes, district specific information  to enter into our Airtable database. 

Please email your skills and resume to [email protected] if you are interested! 

Backend Developer

At Brand New Congress we have many different clients interacting with many different data sources – and we need a heavy I/O server architecture that can handle that reliably. We're seeking developers with experience in NodeJS and/or Elixir and GraphQL.

Please email your skills and resume to [email protected] if you are interested! 

Dev-Ops Engineer

We need an experienced DevOps engineer to advise and automate deployment and scaling of BNC servers.

Volunteers should expect to commit between 5-10 hours per week for this role.

Please email your skills and resume to [email protected] if you are interested! 

Website data entry and review/testing

We're looking for a meticulous person who is comfortable with working as an administrator to add text and images to the website.

Volunteer for this role if you are willing to do the grueling job of testing all of our links in all browsers and desktop/tablet/phone sizes. Our website is our public face, so your work will help us present the organization and the movement professionally.
Volunteers should expect to commit between 5-10 hours per week for this role.

Please email your skills and resume to [email protected] if you are interested! 

If you don't see a listing here that fits your skills, fill out our volunteer form to let us know how you can help!

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