Deputy Writing Director

Brand New Congress is running a nationwide distributed self-serve volunteer campaign to take advantage of our wide volunteer network and have the biggest effect possible for our campaigns on the ground. We need a strong communication team to do this and a solid team of writers to email supporters.

We are looking for a dedicated volunteer right now, but this could potentially turn into a paid staff position down the line.


  • Oversee the writing of emails.
  • Oversee the editing and proofing of emails.
  • Oversee the proper loading of emails into Nation Builder.
    • While this person should have some decent writing ability, it is far more important that they are comfortable battling with NB on a daily basis.
  • This person will also help to manage the writing team.
    • keep the current vols on track - allowing the writing director to focus on the bigger picture strategy.


Hard worker and quick learner with a good sense of humor and a positive attitude (obviously).  

Someone that is a self starter, this will be about building out the teams. The Writing team has a good starting point of people on it, but there will be a need to grow and to see the structures that need to be set in place.

Flexibility. Brand New Congress is about the team and the mission, so keep in mind that there is a need for flexibility in direction. Especially in relation to Communication Teams, things change fast.


An Understanding of NationBuilder. We use NationBuilder as our platform for the Brand New Congress emails. If you are quick to learn, then at least understanding of other email servers would be good.

Proofreading. The Email team will be full of writing, checking proofs at times for other teams, and copy editing or proofing emails one last time before they go out.


We are an equal opportunity employer and employment decisions will be made without regard to one’s race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran’s status or any other basis prohibited by law.  POC encouraged to apply.


Send resume, linkedin, and cover letter to [email protected]

Along with the above, please send along: a proposal of one cool thing that you have always wanted to do with social media. This should relate back to how big teams can better use social media.

Dev-Ops Engineer

We need an experienced DevOps engineer to advise and automate deployment and scaling of BNC servers.

Volunteers should expect to commit between 5-10 hours per week for this role.

Email [email protected]

Content Creator

We're looking for a volunteer to help us create content for our trainings!

Volunteer for this role if you are good at gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. We will give you a topic, and you will create a training based on that topic! You should be great at synthesizing information into succinct summaries. making things sound really good, but also in a concrete way. You should also be tech savvy and have a creative eye. You will be organizing the training visually so it looks nice!

Volunteers should expect to commit between 10-20 hours per week for this role.

Email [email protected]

R4 Volunteer

We're looking for a dedicated volunteer who is tech savvy and organized to help the team working with nominees who have made it to our fourth round!

Tasks will include daily behind-the-scenes tech work for LearnUpon (our training program), conducting profile audits (verify information in nominee profiles, etc), or helping out with summit logistics (we are going to be hosting them every two weeks).

Sign up for this volunteer role if you are comfortable with web administrator roles, you have strong research skills, and you are good at staying organized and on top of deadlines!

Volunteers should expect to commit between 10-20 hours per week for this role.

Email [email protected]

Website data entry and review/testing

We're looking for a meticulous person who is comfortable with working as an administrator to add text and images to the website.

Volunteer for this role if you are willing to do the grueling job of testing all of our links in all browsers and desktop/tablet/phone sizes. Our website is our public face, so your work will help us present the organization and the movement professionally.
Volunteers should expect to commit between 5-10 hours per week for this role.

Email [email protected]

If you don't see a listing here that fits your skills, fill out our volunteer form to let us know how you can help!

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