Bobbie Todd
Bobbie Todd

Bobbie Todd

Writing Team Lead

Ms. Todd worked as a trial attorney in the private, government, and nonprofit sectors. Her legal practice primarily focused on civil litigation with an emphasis on constitutional and civil rights, probate, tax, and government matters, including drafting ordinances and resolutions, making policy determinations, and handling public records requests and other open government issues. She joined the Brand New Congress in April of 2018 after realizing she needed to do more in order to help her fellow Americans.

Curling, reading, cooking, volunteering.

Personal Motivation
“I went to law school so that I could help people and provide a voice for those who weren’t able to speak for themselves. In working at legal clinics and, even when volunteering in other capacities, one thing I’ve learned is that information is power. And, people can’t really hope to find justice if they don’t know the rules of the game. This is especially paramount when dealing with civil rights, racial justice, and socioeconomic injustices—something that I was appalled at when viewing them from the scope of local government. That is why sharing knowledge and helping individuals suffering from these injustices has become my sole focus.”