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BNC Endorses Charles Booker!

It’s official! Charles Booker is running for Senate again, and he’s going to send Rand Paul into retirement.

Kentucky State Representative and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Charles Booker greets John Wright, of Louisville, during a campaign stop on the day of the primary election in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. June 23, 2020. REUTERS/Bryan Woolston

Brand New Congress was proud to be the first national group to support Charles’ electrifying campaign in 2020 — and he hasn’t slowed down a bit. Over the last year, he has continued to build bridges across the commonwealth of Kentucky while lifting the progressive movement nationwide.

Charles is ready to win this race, and we are ready to help him replace Rand Paul in 2022!

If more people had gotten behind Charles’ first Senate run as early as Brand New Congress did, he could have won last year. Now we have a second chance, and we can’t waste a minute of it.

Charles has captured the heart of Kentucky. We know he can win this race if we help him build a strong base of support right now.

We’d like to share Charles’ inspiring video with you below.


Please support this historic campaign by making a split contribution between Brand New Congress & Charles Booker below.
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