Statement from Chardo Richardson:

“Bill Nelson has betrayed those he represents in Florida by supporting Donald Trump’s $510 million sale of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia. Only by valuing peace over profit will the United States live up to its claim to be a champion of freedom globally.

Congressman Nelson was just one of five Democrats in the Senate who voted to support the sale.

Close relations with partners in the Gulf is important, but not at the cost of promoting violence in the region. The bloody conflict in Yemen, in which Saudi Arabia is the key player, has now claimed over 10,000 lives according to the UN.

Just as at home here in the United States, more guns will not help. America needs to show leadership by brokering an end to a conflict, not seeking to make a fast buck by selling more arms.

We need a better Congress to do this. That is why I am seeking your support, and why we need Bill Nelson out of the Senate.”