Chardo Richardson, running for Florida’s 7th Congressional District seat in 2018, is running on a common sense platform of smart government spending, support for veterans, better healthcare and real representation in politics.

“America, the land of abundance, needs to work for all its citizens. In my career, I have worked to improve the lives of Floridians, educators, workers, and students as President of the ACLU of Central Florida chapter and as Director of the Seminole UniServ labor organization,” said Richardson.  

Protecting veterans is a core part of Richardson’s platform. His grandmother married a Vietnam veteran and brought her six children from Bermuda to Mississippi, ready to start a new life.

Moving beyond simple party divides, Richardson has pledged to be a representative to all in his district and will put people above profits by refusing to take big campaign contributions.

“This is my time to do more, my time to advocate for every Floridian. My only priority is the welfare of the people; no corporate donations will be accepted. Our campaign is 100% funded by individual donations.”