Student loan debt’s crushing weight is limiting millions across the country, and it’s time Congress did something about it. 


NPR recently published an article about how the amount of student loan debt in our country has more than doubled over the past decade, ballooning to roughly $1.5 trillion – and preventing many Millenials from being able to buy homes.

When it comes to this issue, the Brand New Congress team is just like you. We either know someone who has a student loan debt burden that’s dragging them down like a ball and chain, or we are those people ourselves. And like you, we know that it’s not OK.

Why should Wall Street and the top 1% receive bailouts when the average twenty – or thirty-something can’t even afford to buy a home because of their student loan debt? 

While wages for regular working families stay stagnant, student loan debt increases.

We now have an entire generation let down by our country’s leadership. Millennials are trying to build their own families and their futures. When you factor in the affordable housing crisis in our country, the enormous amount people have to pay for healthcare, crippling childcare costs, Trump’s ridiculous tariff war, and inflation driving up the cost of pretty much everything, you have a recipe for a disaster. And it’s not OK.

But that’s why BNC keeps fighting for what’s right; for student loan debt forgiveness and tuition free state colleges and universities.

Part of the problem is that college is more expensive now compared to the past. Funding for state universities and community colleges has been gutted, dropping from 85% subsidies for previous generations to 10-15% of subsidies now. That means students are saddled with the cost for college, and what was once an opportunity, that could be paid off by a summer job, is now a lifetime burden. It’s not only students who are saddled with this wildly ballooning debt, but many parents as well.  

The good news is, Congress has the power to change this by doing their job and providing funding for education instead of endless wars and corporate bailouts. This Congress isn’t going to act as long as they are bought and paid for, and that’s why we need a Brand New Congress.

We’re striving to elect a Congress of the people who will act for the people, by enacting legislation such as Medicare-for-all, tax reform and more.

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Bobbie Todd is the BNC Military & Veterans Outreach Coordinator and immediate past Writing Team Lead. A former attorney and Virginia transplant, Bobbie has a passion for people, policy and the English language.