We need an economy that works for the many, not the few. With his decision to slash St. Louis’ minimum wage from $10 per hour to just $7.70, Governor Greitens has shown that he puts profit before people.

Fostering the conditions for economic growth and job creation is crucial in St. Louis. The poverty rate is 25 percent, double the national average. It has the highest violent crime rate of any US city and the median household income is a full $10,000 less than Missouri’s average.

This is why rewarding workers for a hard day’s work, putting money in their pocket to spend in local stores, is so important.

The Governor’s decision only helps the big businesses that back him. When a group of corporations and big donors bankrolled his inaugural party earlier this year, Greitens refused to disclose where his contributions came from. These are likely the same shadowy donors pushing him to have made this decision on the minimum wage.  

I am running for office with with a slate of progressive candidates called Brand New Congress. Together, we believe that to rebuild the American dream we need to rebuild the American economy.

That means paying workers fair wages and thus, we support a $15 per hour minimum wage. It is wrong that someone can work sixty hours a week and still struggle to make ends meet. In the richest country in the world it doesn’t need to be this way.

Additionally, we will not take a penny of big corporate money. Our campaigns are funded entirely by small donations from real people, which means that if I enter Congress in 2019 I will fight for those left behind by this Governor and his bad decisions.