Big Oil and Gas are leaning on the candidates they funded to stamp out the Green New Deal Resolution, knowing it’s popularity is rapidly taking hold. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) made a big, huge, giant, splash recently when she introduced her #GreenNewDeal joint resolution with Senator Markey. The resolution quickly picked up steam with dozens of co-sponsors and support from nearly every 2020 Presidential candidate.

A recent poll by Insider found a majority of Americans back the GND. So now Mitch McConnell is trying to put brakes on the resolution before it can gain any more steam.

The Green New Deal has always been central to the Brand New Congress vision of revamping our economy to work for every American, and AOC is keeping the promise she signed on to nearly two years ago when she signed her pledge to support our plan to shift to 100% Renewable Energy within 10 years.

News agencies across the country have been talking about the GND.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal House resolution broadly calls for the US to address climate change through a 10-year mobilization to make the US economy carbon-neutral by moving to 100% renewable energy while simultaneously guaranteeing a job to every American who wants one.”

Business Insider, Feb 2019

Brand New Congress made the commitment to fight for a 100% renewable energy economy by 2028  in our original platform, and we stand by that today.

The basics of that platform have made their way into Alexandria’s #GreenNewDeal, the one we first presented to our supporters two years ago. Now this very same platform is arriving on Capitol Hill. And people across the country are talking about it.


It’s popular because it’s needed.

Climate change is real and poses a dire threat to humanity.

Our current energy system is costly, inefficient, and unsustainable.

Unlike oil, coal, and natural gas, the sun and wind can provide the U.S. with an infinite supply of energy and countless reliable jobs for working Americans.

As we wrote in that message to our supporters (copied below) two years ago:

America is uniquely positioned to make this happen. We can choose to be the standard-bearer for sustainable energy, improving the lives of millions, or we can continue to resist the change and fall further behind our global competitors.

Brand New Congress email to supporters, Feb 22, 2017

Do you believe it’s time for America to lead the New Energy Revolution?

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We need a clean energy revolution. We need a 100% renewable energy economy. We need the Green New Deal. You and I together can make that happen.

The message below was originally sent to our supporters on February 22, 2017.

From: Brand New Congress <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 6:59 PM

Subject: ☼ If we can put a man on the moon…

In 1961, JFK pledged America would go to the moon before the end of the decade. The ensuing space race invigorated the nation, spawned innovation, and launched new industries placing America firmly at the forefront of aerospace engineering and computer technology. On July 20, 1969, Kennedy’s promise was fulfilled.

It’s time to propose another bold vision to the American people: Make America the first 100% Clean Energy economy in the world within 10 years.

You’ve heard all the arguments against fossil fuels: Negative impacts on the climate, contamination of drinking water, disruption of wildlife habitat, air pollution … the list goes on

But there’s another side you haven’t heard: The economic case for renewables. Our continued resistance to New Energy hurts our economy, displaces American workers, and puts us behind countries like China, India, Germany, and many others in perhaps the greatest growth industry of the century.

The BNC vision for a New Energy Economy will seize this greatest economic opportunity in our generation. Our plan will create millions of jobs in areas including research & development, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, shipping, sales, and training.

The sun and wind are 100% free. Once we build it, the only cost of the New Energy Economy will be maintenance and expansion. The savings will free up a vast quantity of national income for new investments, spawning even more new industries and furthering job growth.

The BNC 100% renewable energy plan has several parts:

  • Upgrade every home: We will radically reduce national energy consumption through a program to weatherize and upgrade every home in America to run on renewable energy. This will promote small business and radically reduce urban and rural unemployment, especially youth employment, by creating millions of jobs.
  • Upgrade every building: We will incentivize building owners with zero interest loans to invest in New Energy upgrades, saving on operating costs and freeing up new capital for their business. This will create millions of jobs, including many high-wage and high-skill jobs.
  • Build a Smart Grid: We will replace our aging, increasingly unreliable energy grid by building a nationwide, decentralized Smart Grid designed to improve energy storage and transfer capability–meaning the lights stay on even when the wind isn’t blowing.
  • Invest in new solar & wind power projects: Our current rate of adoption is taking far too long.  We have the technology and the capacity. All we need to do is invest faster in more projects. It’s just that simple.
  • Buy fossil fuel companies, spin off new profitable companies and take care of displaced workers: We will empower our energy companies to continue pursuing free market clean energy solutions by purchasing their fossil fuel business segments. As the old energy segments strategically wind down, we will provide support to workers displaced in the transition by funding retraining, relocation, and early retirements. Why waste the rest of the century fighting with oil companies? Let’s just buy and dismantle them.
  • Upgrade transportation: Americans spend half a trillion dollars a year on gas. We will incentivize car owners to trade in for electric models so America never has to pay at the pump again. We will convert or replace all fossil-fueled buses and trains. And we will invest in innovative systems like high-speed rail, giving people more freedom over where they live and work, setting a new global standard for safe transportation.

Sound crazy? As crazy as going to the moon? Or as crazy as gambling tens of trillions of dollars on financial speculation and then spending trillions more to bailout loser banks? Because that’s what we just did instead of building a renewable energy economy.

America is uniquely positioned to make this happen. We can choose to be the standard-bearer for sustainable energy, improving the lives of millions, or we can continue to resist the change and fall further behind our global competitors.

Join us in building a sustainable future that works for all of us.

The revolution continues,

The entire BNC team

Sent February 22, 2017