Get Out the Vote. It’s now or never!

Every vote placed by the Congress affects us all! No matter where you live you can support BNC candidates by calling and texting. If you live in the district, you can help out too by knocking doors and organizing events.

It’s going to take ALL of us to win in 2018.

Distributed organizing is the way we win. Let’s get to work.

Time is of the essence. Countdown to the next round of BNC Candidate primaries August 28th








Chardo Richardson

Chardo Richardson

Florida's 7th

Get out the vote for Chardo Richardson 

Primary Date: August 28


Visit Chardo’s website below to learn about him

Michael Hepburn

Michael Hepburn

Florida's 27th

Get out the Vote for Michael Hepburn

Primary Date: August 28th

Visit Michael’s website to learn more about him.

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