Jennifer Craig

Jennifer Craig

Jennifer Craig

Political Outreach Director


Jennifer studied English and Politics at Mount Holyoke College. She worked in a US Senate office following graduation and fell head over heels for government and politics there. Jennifer holds a graduate degree in International Relations/Development from American University’s School of International Service and one in Government from Johns Hopkins University’s Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. She is a medically retired Air Force veteran, a prior entrepreneur, an actress though a multimedia production company, and a dedicated Political Outreach Director for Brand New Congress. 


Reading, fitness, exceptional films (“They’re not just movies; they’re cultural achievements!”)

Personal Motivation

“I love people. I always have. At a young age, I learned to see sparks of divinity in them, so especially with time, witnessing more and more of this world of ours has become quite the uninviting challenge for me. How people control, oppress, manipulate, and violate one another’s natural human dignity is nightmarish. How they abuse animal life and the planet is unjustifiable. I am extremely self-motivated, and I just cannot turn my focus from the most salient challenges of our time. Better than I know anything else under the sun, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the world is supposed to be vastly different. Here’s to that great day.”