Brand New Congress announces challenger Linsey Fagan for U.S. Congress in Texas’s 26th district

Spit-fire Linsey Fagan is gearing up for a strong campaign in Texas’s 26th district. The non-establishment candidate is backed by Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats and if elected would be the first female representative to hold the office.

As November’s election results illustrated, the counter-establishment movement is gaining momentum nationwide. Brand New Congress, launched in the spring of 2016, helped pave the way for non-establishment candidates to run viable campaigns. Campaigns like Fagan’s are standing as proof that substance, policy and grassroots outreach can be more effective than pollsters and multi-million dollar campaigns.

Fagan launched her race after having to explain to her young daughter how to take safety measures in the event of a school shooting. Fagan said this was a defining moment when she realized that something was deeply problematic in America.

“It’s frustrating because we need people in Congress that understand struggle in a very deep way,” Fagan noted. “But, half of Congress are millionaires.”


Denton County native Fagan is running to champion the corruption in Washington as she emphasized many of the issues people face today stems from legislation that’s drafted to favor big donors and not the constituency. As a BNC candidate Fagan has signed a pledge to refuse corporate pac and corporate lobbyist funds.


She stressed the importance on focusing on the workforce, childcare, education and small business development.


“A lot of people have stagnant wages or organizations want to hire contract or temp workers,” Fagan said. Noting that these temp positions are becoming ever-increasing in her district, “People just don’t have job security anymore.”


Fagan said she would like to see more legislation curbing the massive cuts to education, healthcare and childcare. Noting that people in her district work hard and their taxes should benefit them.  


Brand New Congress candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, such as healthcare, education, community organization, military service, and a wide variety of backgrounds.


Fagan joined 20 fellow BNC candidates on Nov. 6, in Washington D.C. at Brand New Summit.