Brand New Congress
Communications Department

Nov 15, 2017

Brand New Congress announces the endorsement of Marc Whitmire for U.S. Congress in Tennessee’s 2nd district.

Veteran and small business owner Marc Whitmire (R) has been endorsed by Brand New Congress PAC for U.S. Congress in Tennessee’s 2nd congressional district.

As November’s election results illustrated, counter-establishment campaigns won seats across the country and the movement is gaining momentum. Whitmire’s campaign stands as an example of the new wave of post-partisan politics sweeping the country.

Whitmire joined 20 fellow candidates from the Brand New Congress slate on Nov. 6, in Washington D.C. at Brand New Summit. There he spoke about his time in the military, and his pursuit to end corruption in modern day politics and a shift back to a focus on small businesses, growing the middle class and growing new skilled jobs with fair wages.

“Our politicians have been bought and paid for by the elites and the corporation and until we end this corruption it is unforeseeable that we will be able to achieve the necessary progress that the people of our nation deserve in order to make the economy work for all of us and not just the rich and the powerful,” Whitmire said. “We must end the legalized bribing.”


Whitmire wants to discuss ways to fix the broken political system, by electing individuals like himself, who refuse corporate and Super PAC donations.


“Luckily there’s a fix for this state of affairs. We could replace the tainted representatives and we can pass laws that prevent more like them from plaguing our democracy in the future.”


As a Republican, Whitmire is endorsed alongside Democrats as a Brand New Congress candidate and explained he believes it’s time for the country to stand up against the political establishment party lines.

“This is what makes our form of government the best in the world. The rights and powers that were granted to us by our founding fathers allow us to correct the course of our government should it deviate from that most righteous path,” Whitmire said. “We must unite as one people, no longer just left or right, Republican or Democrat, Green Party or Libertarian. We must come together as American citizens to take back our Democracy.”

Whitmire is running with a slate of candidates across the country who are have signed a pledge to refuse corporate PAC and corporate lobbyist funds. Brand New Congress candidates are all funded through small dollar donations and are running their campaigns through a strong support system of volunteers and a unified grassroots effort.

For more information about Whitmire’s campaign visit the campaign’s Crowdpac page. For more information about Brand New Congress, visit For further inquiries please call (606) 312-1410 or email