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Brand New Congress staff, volunteers, supporters and candidates all have a story to tell. Everyday working people are getting involved in their communities and making a difference that affects the entire country. Huge sacrifices are made every day for the greater good. Their stories are rarely told.
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Brand New Congress is committed to common sense policies that protect and enhance the livelihoods of ALL Americans. We need legislation not dictated by party, but solutions that work to move our country forward together. Our staff, volunteers and candidates are comprised of working people who have experienced the problems facing our communities every day, and together form a movement that will elect a Brand New Congress.

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One year later, we are still left with the question, “What are you willing to sacrifice?” By Anthony V. Clark One year ago white supremacists converged on Charlottesville, Virginia, with the stated goal of unifying the American white nationalist movement. They engaged...

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Who funds Cori Bush and Brand New Congress?

Transparency and accountability in the race to represent Missouri’s 1st By Ron Stubblefield Recently, our very own Cori Bush, candidate for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, was attacked by her opponent Congressman Clay for associating with Brand New Congress...

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In search of that more perfect union

Brand New Congress is fighting for the nation we must yet become. By Ron Stubblefield In honor of the 4th of July in 1852, Frederick Douglass, one of this nation’s finest orators, penned these words into the annals of American history: “What, to the American slave, is...

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We need concrete policies to protect LGBTQIA rights

Candidates often make vague promises to protect LGBTQIA rights. Generic affirmations are not good enough. We need concrete policy proposals to hold our elected officials accountable. By Jordan Valerie Allen This weekend, I attended Pride for the first time in my life....

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Don’t be fooled by unemployment numbers

The unemployment rate has drastically dropped this year, with some of the lowest rates since the 1960s, according to news sources. The black unemployment is also at record lows. This is great news, right? Not necessarily. While having a low unemployment rate is not a...

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