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Brand New Congress staff, volunteers, supporters and candidates all have a story to tell. Everyday working people are getting involved in their communities and making a difference that affects the entire country. Huge sacrifices are made every day for the greater good. Their stories are rarely told.
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Our Mission

Elect regular working people to Congress who put people before party to make government more accountable and responsive to the needs of all Americans.

 We need legislation not dictated by party, but solutions that work to move our country forward together. Our staff, volunteers and candidates are comprised of working people who have experienced the problems facing our communities every day, and together form a movement that will elect a Brand New Congress.

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Trans Rights are Human Rights

Proposed Trump policy change blatantly rejects science to strip basic human rights from the LGBT community. It must be a day ending in “y,” because there’s another attack against the LGBTQIA community in the news. This time it comes in the form of an anti-transgender...

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Brand New Congress: On Our Commitment to LGBTQ Rights

  Brand New Congress is committed to a concrete action plan to guarantee LGBTQ Rights   For many, National Coming Out Day is a day for celebration. It is a day to celebrate the brave choice we make to live as our true selves in our gender and/or sexuality. Yet despite...

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United States of Concentration

Tent Cities are the Price of Democratic Complicity Of all the reports concerning the current administration’s terror campaign against immigrants, perhaps none are as stark as the news about the creation and expansion of the Tent City in Tornillo, Texas. Recently, more...

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We believe Christine

Christine Blasey Ford is not alone. There are millions with stories similar to hers. Some of them are ours. By Cory Archibald The disturbing events recounted in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s heart-wrenching letter felt all too familiar to millions of survivors of sexual...

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Is this how we honor our heroes?

Deaths from 9/11 illnesses will soon outnumber those lost 18 years ago, but survivors still battle Congress for support. By Isra Allison 257 That’s how many times John Feal has testified before Congress seeking help for first responders and people of the community...

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Where we go from here

Primary season is winding down, but our work has just begun. When you tell the story of 2018, what will your role be? By Cory Archibald We are just one week out from our final primary of 2018, where whistleblower Mindi Messmer is looking to lock down the nomination...

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