Mike Deck
Mike Deck

Mike Deck

Director of Analytics


Mike has spent the last 7 years in the financial technology industry as a statistical analyst, strategy consultant, and derivatives trader. Mike supported Barack Obama during his 2008 campaign and volunteered for Bernie Sanders in 2016. He has followed Brand New Congress since May 2016 and joined the team in February 2018.


Distance running, entrepreneurship, investing, coding, metal shows, Northwestern Wildcats Football

Personal Motivation

On 9/11/2001, I was at school, in 7th grade. In the wake of tragedy, I had one teacher who had quickly set aside any semblance of shock, fear, or sadness, and instead displayed raw anger and disgust at the state of American political affairs. I was stunned by her passion – it became clear to me after her lecture that political apathy is tantamount to a crime; if we are to be governed by and represented by others, how can any of us simply stand on the sidelines and throw away our right to choose who those “others” are? Since that day, I have felt that every citizen has a duty to be engaged. In today’s data-driven society, we have the ability to make better decisions than ever before and choose better leaders whose incentives are aligned with our own. So what are we waiting for?