Nicky Osborne
Nicky Osborne

Nicky Osborne

Candidate Engagement Director

Working in human service management, Nicky Osborne has seen first hand the tragedy of under-funding services – or simply not providing them at all – for people who have no independent means to escape poverty. Nicky has been involved in social action issues for her entire life in diverse efforts to address economic and social inequity and injustice. Soon after earning a masters degree with a concentration in community organization and social planning, she took her first job organizing neighborhoods in Cambridge to improve health care. Decades of service later, she retired as Commissioner of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

Nicky loves to care for her grandson one day a week, to take local hikes and to go out trying to identify new birds with her husband. She works out at the gym every day too, but that’s not quite a hobby, exactly. (ugh!)

Personal Motivation:
“Brand New Congress is an important and effective venue for me to work with so many amazing people who share a progressive vision. All people need a decent wage to take care of themselves and their families and universal, comprehensive health care ought to be their legal right. We need to reform our criminal justice system so that courts do not jail people because they can not afford bail. Justice and humanity compel us to
reform our immigration law and treat immigrants fairly and compassionately. BNC people work tirelessly to do whatever it takes to elect candidates who align with these values and to prioritize these and other progressive issues. As primarily a volunteer organization, BNC works collaboratively to hear every voice and to make those voices matter to help elect a next Congress. Every American deserves leadership that reflects of our diversity and the real meaning of American values and that represents the interests of everyday Americans, not merely the rich and powerful and large corporations.”