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BNC Endorses Nina Turner!

Today, Brand New Congress is proud to announce our endorsement of Nina Turner in her bid for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District!

City Councilwoman, State Senator, National Co-Chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign, and mother of today’s progressive movement, Nina Turner is now ready to take her fire to Congress!

Nina grew up in Northeast Ohio, the oldest of seven children to working-class parents. She took her first job at age 14 to help make ends meet. After working her way through community college and graduate school, she started a career dedicated to keeping Ohio’s poor, working poor, and struggling middle-class families afloat, too.

Nina made history in 2005 as the first African American woman to represent Ward 1 on the Cleveland City Council, and again in 2008 as the first woman to serve as a State Senator in Ohio’s 25th District.

In the Ohio state legislature, Turner repeatedly defended attacks on women’s health care freedom, partnered with organized labor to protect collective bargaining rights, and led the effort to create Ohio’s first task force on police and community relations to end racial profiling and police brutality.

In 2020, as national co-chair of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Nina consolidated nationwide support for progressive policies like a Green New Deal, $15 living wage, and Medicare for All.

Now, Nina is running for Congress to deliver on these policies for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District with a mission to build an America as good as its promise — one that is committed to justice in all its forms — racial, social, economic, healthcare and environmental justice.

Nina has a long history with Brand New Congress; she mentored our first group of candidates (including AOC) in 2017, and held rallies for Rep. Cori Bush’s elections in 2018 and 2020.

That’s why Brand New Congress is honored to stand with Nina and support her run for this CRITICAL special election just a few weeks from now.

Nina’s experience as a mother, state and local leader and progressive powerhouse makes her THE best candidate for the job at a time when people are demanding truth, equity and justice from our elected leaders. She is the problem solver and master legislator America so desperately needs.

With very little time remaining until the August 3rd, 2021 election in Ohio, Brand New Congress is rallying around this race! If you can stand with Brand New Congress in our support for Sen. Turner at this critical time – either by making a contribution or signing up to volunteer – please do so today!

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