Our Mission: Elect regular working people to Congress who put people before party to make government accountable and responsive to the needs of all Americans.

We’re not looking for your typical Congressional candidate. We’re looking for regular working people with a track record of community leadership and unwavering ethics. We’re looking for leaders who put people and policies before party loyalty — every time. We’re looking for people committed to building a sustainable future that works for ALL of us.

We’re looking for nominees who:

  • Have a proven track record of integrity, and consistently pass on opportunities to compromise their values.
  • Are servant leaders with a record of public service who reflect the make-up and the needs of their district, whether by their career, ethnic, religious, or cultural background, or their personal life experiences. They may be union organizers, nurses, teachers, community activists, or small business owners.
  • Believe that the needs of the people in their community, and policies that will improve their lives, comes before corporate profits, and before party loyalty. Always. They will run alongside Democrats, Republicans, independents, or candidates of any party who align with the common values and policy goals of Brand New Congress.
  • Commit to running a small-dollar people-funded campaign, and refuse all corporate PAC and corporate lobbyist money now, and when they are in office.