Online Freedom

Over the past decades, the Internet has served as a great equalizer, an opportunity for small businesses and voices who may not otherwise have a platform to compete in the market alongside big corporations and other powerful entities. Widespread access and net neutrality have been essential for providing every American a better chance to succeed in the face of rising income inequality and corporate gains that only go to the top.
The Internet has provided opportunities for all voices to be heard, regardless of economic status or identity. Because of free and equal access, we have seen folks who are not given the time of day by the corporate media find success with audiences from around the globe. But without net neutrality, providers will be able to favor some voices over others. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard online, regardless of how well-connected they are to corporate entities. All Americans deserve equal access to all voices and websites online, without the interference of wealthy providers interested only in their only profit and success.

Net neutrality is also essential to market competition. Because of the Internet, small businesses are able to compete alongside corporations. Consumers have the choice and access to an endless array of products. The American people deserve the right to make their own decisions about how they use their money as well as the opportunity to compete in the market.

Your freedom to access the centers of knowledge and commerce should not be limited by your proximity to a major city, nor dependent on gatekeepers from private multibillion-dollar corporations. ExxonMobil doesn’t get to choose the car you drive, which highway you get to use, when or how often. And Comcast cannot be allowed to restrict what you get to see, hear, say, or do on the internet by limiting accessibility for one service in favor of another. Time Warner shouldn’t be able to throttle a fledgeling ISP to protect their monopoly on the market and continue overcharging customers.

It is Brand New Congress’s position that Net Neutrality is the unambiguous conclusion of key shared values and principles that all Americans hold dear. We believe that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must continue to classified as common carriers under Title II. If ISPs are allowed to discriminate speeds based on Internet content, small business growth and internet entrepreneurship will be crushed. This anti-competitive, monopolistic move will prohibit launch and growth of new Internet companies, and would prevent pioneering American companies like Google or Amazon from ever existing. Our economy needs every advantage possible to compete in our global, interconnected world, and America cannot afford to have its economic potential shackled by repealing Net Neutrality and failing to invest in our internet infrastructure – leaving yet another generation of Americans underpaid, overworked, and impoverished.