Brand New Congress
Communications Department


December 1, 2017

Brand New Congress announces endorsement of Peter Jacob in North Jersey’s 7th district.

Social worker and non-traditional candidate Peter Jacob (D) has been endorsed by Brand New Congress PAC for U.S. Congress in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional district.

As November’s election results illustrated, counter-establishment campaigns won seats across the country and the movement is gaining momentum. Jacob’s campaign stands as an example of the new wave of post-partisan politics sweeping the country. Jacob illustrated this in his run for congress in 2016, garnering 41.1 percent of the vote against incumbent Leonard Lance (R), who Jacob is gearing up to challenge again in 2018.

Jacob is driven to run by being on the front lines everyday as a social worker in his district. He says he understands the struggles people in his district face.

“In the wealthiest country in the history of the world kids shouldn’t be going hungry,” Jacob said.

Noting that the only way to shape legislation that favors people Jacob helps every day as a social worker, is to end the corruption that sways laws in favor of big corporations and not the constituency.

“The oligarchy is the problem, Jacob said. “We are talking about 20,000 things and we try to boil it down to the underlying issue.


Jacob emphasized that special interest groups and dark money are crux behind the problem with legislation that favors corporations over people. Stressing that key legislation such as education reform, healthcare reform, clean energy initiatives and worker pay are hindered by corporate influence and pressure.

Jacob emphasized that even though families in his district have a median income of nearly $100,000, many are still struggling due to the cost of health care, education, taxes and childcare. He mentioned a large number of millennial residents who have returned home with college degrees but have difficulties securing viable employment.

“Jobs and economy are still important in my district because inflation has stagnated pay and increases in cost of living are making it harder and harder for people to live,” Jacob said.

“The working people or our district are very concerned about jobs, economy, guns and political corruption and healthcare,” Jacob said. “They are all one issue, really. People are seeing they don’t have representatives that represent their values, they have reps that represent corporations.”

Jacob, running as a Justice Democrat and as a BNC candidate, has signed a pledge to refuse corporate pac and corporate lobbyist funds.

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