Racial Justice

It seems nowadays that our elected officials are more concerned with denying racism than actually addressing the rampant inequality plaguing communities of color. Brand New Congress will finally address the injustice that denies people of color the opportunities and rights they deserve.

Our nation was founded on slavery and genocide, and we have never been able to escape that legacy. Since establishment politicians are concerned with power, they have avoided making steps towards racial equality unless facing extreme pressure from racial justice activists, as was the case during the Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately, that was an exception to the rule, as we have seen establishment politicians reject the racial justice demands of the Black Lives Matter movement and sit by as racial inequality persists and even worsens, as demonstrated by how the racial wage gap increases, Black, the median wealth of Black and Latinx Americans is set to reach zero in just a few decades, and police violence against people of color goes unpunished. On every level of our society, conditions are worse for people of color. We need a Brand New Congress that will finally fight for justice and guarantee equality under the law.