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Nov 22, 2017

Brand New Congress gears up for primary races in Texas, including Texas’s 23rd district

Brand New Congress announces endorsement of straight-talking educator Rick Treviño for U.S. Congress in Texas’ 23rd district. Treviño, a Democrat, is one of five candidates BNC has announced to run in the Texas primaries in March.

As November’s election results illustrated, the counter-establishment movement is gaining momentum nationwide. Brand New Congress, launched in the spring of 2016, helped pave the way for non-establishment candidates to run viable campaigns. BNC candidates have signed a pledge to refuse corporate pac and corporate lobbyist funds. Campaigns like Treviño’s are standing as proof that substance, policy and grassroots outreach can be more effective than pollsters and multi-million dollar campaigns.

“Teaching changed my life and it’s about time we get a working person representing working people because if we keep getting people that take money from the same people, we are going to get the same results,” Treviño said.


Texas’ 23rd district is one of the nation’s largest districts geographically, encompasses miles of rural farm land and metropolitan areas and stretches from El Paso to San Antonio. Democrats dominated seats in the district until 1993 and Hillary Clinton swept the 2016 presidential election there. The district’s recent political history has paved the way for counter-establishment candidates like Treviño, to be serious contenders in the race to the House. Treviño says people in his district are tired of the political pageantry and are ready to talk about real policy.

“People are sick and tired on the Left and the Right of being represented by a bunch of hustlers and enough is enough,” Treviño said. “And that’s why Brand new Congress is going to provide a vision, a vision for all people,”


While incumbent Will Hurd focuses much of his platform on foreign policy, Treviño is focused on domestic issues such as healthcare, immigration, education and boosting the region’s economy.

“I saw people in my district cutting their prescription medicine because they can’t afford it, and making tough decisions every day, and working two or three jobs to put food on the table,” Treviño said at a recent event, “Well, not anymore, because with a Brand New Congress, we are going to bring a better America. An America for all people.”

Brand New Congress candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, from education to healthcare to community organization to military service, and a wide variety of backgrounds.


Treviño joined 20 fellow BNC candidates on Nov. 6, in Washington D.C. at Brand New Summit.

Rick is running with Brand New Congress candidates Adrienne Bell, TX-14 (D), J. Darnell Jones, TX-2 (D), Vanessa Adia, TX-12 (D) and Lindsey Fagan, TX-26.  

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