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Communications Department

Nov 22, 2017

Brand New Congress Roza Calderon in California’s 4th District

Geologist and civic activist Roza Calderon is running in California’s 4th Congressional district to unseat incumbent Tom McClintock (R).

As November’s election results illustrated, counter-establishment campaigns won seats across the country and the movement is gaining momentum. Calderon’s campaign stands as an example of the new wave of post-partisan politics sweeping the country.

Calderon is no stranger to hardship as she came with her family as a refugee, to the United States from El Salvador at the age of 2. As a single mother, Calderon worked to complete a geology degree and has worked as a scientist in environmental planning, geological research and environmental policy.

Calderon joined 20 fellow BNC candidates on Nov. 6, in Washington D.C. at Brand New Summit. There she spoke on the panel Crossing the Divide: How post-partisan politics can help candidates relate to voters.

Calderon also spoke about her vision to restore the American dream for the disenfranchised in her district. Mentioning the growing unemployment rate in her 10-county district.

“Across the foothills, over the Sierra Nevada, and into the Fresno Valley are the farm workers who have become the backbone of our nation. We are honest, hardworking, law-abiding citizens for whom the American dream has failed,” Calderon said.

Calderon suggested the way to restore the American Dream for her constituency was to end corruption in Washington.

Calderon is running with a slate of candidates across the country who are have signed a pledge to refuse corporate pac and corporate lobbyist funds. Brand New Congress candidates are funded through small dollar donations and running their campaigns through a strong support system of volunteers and a unified grassroots effort.

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