Sarah Smith, running for the Washington 9th District, stands with volunteer canvassers at the BNC Campaign Kickoff event last weekend.

Thousands of people learned first-hand about Brand New Congress candidates this weekend thanks to hundreds of volunteers who knocked on more than 6,300 doors from Seattle to Charleston, New York to Houston, Illinois to Arkansas. Candidates and their canvassers also flocked to Pride and other events throughout the weekend, connecting with thousands of voters in their districts, and spreading the word about their campaigns. People who couldn’t attend a weekend event person were invited to phonebank instead.

This weekend’s event was a promising sign for the 2018 primary elections. Our current congressional representatives (on both sides of the aisle) do more finger pointing than actually putting their fingers on the pulse of what their constituents really want — and need.

While Republicans continue to push forward a “healthcare” bill that will kick at least 22 million people off of health insurance according to the latest report from the Congressional Budget Office, Democrats cling to corporate-friendly ideals and scratch their heads when they lose elections despite throwing millions of dollars at chosen candidates. Republicans and Democrats in congress are out of touch with the realities middle- and working-class people face every day.

Brand New Congress candidates do not accept corporate cash, they rely on small-dollar donations from people like you. The BNC platform puts people before profits and offers real solutions to issues related to heatlhcare, money in politics, revitalizing the economy, clean energy and so much more.

Last weekend’s nationwide event proved that when you have a message that resonates, people will turn out to support you.

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