Tax Reform 

Our tax system should be structured to require everyone, especially corporations, to pay their fair share. Tax revenue is what we use to get things done for the public benefit, and it’s time corporations give back to the country that has let them thrive.

For too long, the tax reform debate has been the same old song of the rich getting more tax breaks, while middle and working class families see their taxes increase while their wages do not. Instead of wealthy corporations paying their fair share into a system on which they intrinsically benefit, various tax loopholes and benefits have disproportionately helped them pay as little as possible. Although our nation has recently seen an explosion of GDP growth, this does not mean that everyone reaps the benefits. The only way we can make sure that they do is through tax reform that finally gets it right in terms of fairness for average Americans. That is why Brand New Congress agrees with and adopts the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ assessment on how we need to address tax reform so that all Americans may benefit from the system they are required to pay into, and have an easier time navigating those benefits.