Charlotte, North Ca. (September  14, 2018) Brand New Congress is excited to announce the addition of two new candidates who running in 2018 general elections.

Public school teacher and education entrepreneur, Zak Ringelstein, will challenge an incumbent in Maine’s Senate race in November. Independent Angus King has held the seat since 2012. Republican and Maine State Senate member, Eric Brakley, is also running.

In 2012, Ringelstein and his wife founded UClass, an online platform and fosters collaboration among educators and students, that is currently used in over 5,000 schools. He has worked with U.S. Officials at the White House to craft education policy and was named on the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 Education List. Last year, Ringelstein co-led a campaign called “PowertoPublic” to stop Betsy DeVos from becoming Secretary of Education.

In addition to his passion for education reform, Ringelstein is campaigning on a progressive platform of creating living wage jobs, getting money out of politics, and enacting Medicare for All.

“I am a patriot, and I think love of country means standing up for values that make this country great,” said Ringelstein.

Loire Burch is a lawyer and business owner running as  the Democratic candidate in the race for Texas’ 3rd District congressional seat. With the longtime incumbent retiring, Burch has a chance to be the first Democrat elected to the position since 1968.

Native to the Plano area, Burch is a long-time involved member of the community and has dedicated her life to advocacy for at-risk groups such as the LGBT community, the elderly and veterans.

As a BNC candidate, Burch is running on a progressive platform of protecting voting rights, enacting Medicare for All and bringing change to Washington politics.

“We need to end the gridlock in Washington. That starts with electing leaders who want to represent OUR values, not their own personal partisan agendas,” said Burch.

Burch has previously won the Democratic Primary and the Democratic Primary Runoff elections, winning the vast majority of the vote to beat four other Democratic candidates. She will face will face Republican Van Taylor and Independent Christopher Claytor in the November general election.

BNC is a post-partisan federal political action committee supporting Democrats, Republicans and Independents who push for progressive legislation such as Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, clean energy initiatives, tuition-free education,  abolition of ICE and others. All BNC candidates have taken a pledge to refuse corporate PAC dollars. For more about Brand New Congress please visit

Abby Boshart is a communications professional and Brand New Congress volunteer in the Washington D.C area.