At $5.7 Billion, the Center for Responsive Politics dubbed the 2018 midterms the most expensive Congressional election ever. Every year the donor class casually drops billions to buy political favors, and the needs of regular Americans are less and less represented.

It’s true that candidates need money to fund campaigns to buy materials and staff they need to help them reach voters in their districts. But our current system funnels millions of dollars from corporations and establishment parties into campaigns, leaving candidates who accept those donations vulnerable when it comes time to put pen to paper and pass legislation that puts people over party and profits.

This is why Brand New Congress candidates all refuse to accept corporate donations. They are running their campaigns on small-dollar support and nuts and bolts grass-roots campaigning.

In 2018 many BNC candidates were up against incumbents or establishment challengers with ten times more funding. BNC candidate Linsey Fagan closed a ten point gap in Texas’ 26th district, yet she spent $0.10 for every $1.00 Rep. Burgess spent per-vote. Fagan raised $176,157 to Burgess’s staggering $1.6 M (of which $1.04M was corporate PAC donations).

The Brand New Congress candidate that raised the most and spent the most per-vote was Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez, but what you’ll see above, even Alex was outspent 10-1, but was still managed to win her race through grassroots support and hard work.

Our candidates are facing an incumbent protection machine but BNC has proven we don’t have to spend billions to reach voters or shift to a more progressive stance on policy. The DCCC has already made it clear they intend to blacklist service providers and agencies that offer services to any primary candidate who is challenging a sitting Democrat. This strategy is designed to suppress the progressive movement, but, we aren’t deterred. We will elect more folks to back up candidates like AOC in 2020.

We’ve learned it’s possible to beat the machine. How do we do it? We support grassroots campaigns, we connect our candidates to each other, and we build a network of support across the country. 

Help us cut off the pipeline of cash by helping us support candidates who refuse to be bought out.