Zeynab Day 
Zeynab Day "Zana"

Zeynab Day "Zana"

Communications Director

Zeynab worked for 15 years in the service industry before returning to college as a non-traditional student to complete degrees in journalism and public relations. She went on to work in public relations and as an investigative journalist.

She grew up in South Eastern Kentucky has always had an interest in American history and political organizing especially seeing first hand wages flatlining and corruption erasing the American dream. She joined BNC in 2017 as a volunteer and fell in love with the mission and has never turned back.

Spending time with her family, her daughter and her pets. She enjoys graphic arts and singing both in the home and at karaoke.

Personal Motivation:
“I remember when I was younger dreaming about being a pop star would be a pipe dream. As I got older my pipe dreams became having health insurance, one day buying a home, getting out of student debt, being able to afford reliable transportation, and the BIG pipe dream, retirement. These are the pipe dreams of our generation. As the wage gap widens, these dreams are further out of reach. Today, 3 individuals hold as much wealth as half our country. “

“Hateful policies like our current immigration policies are now everyday news. Criminal justice reform is just a broken promise. This isn’t about party, many of these problems are compounded by corruption seeping through both parties.”

“I am ready for HOPE! I am ready for a Brand New Congress of regular folks like me. I believe that we can restore the American Dream, not just for our future generations but for our generation. “